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Information and communications technology (ICT)

Standards, services, and information to support and improve better practice in information and communications technology across government.
Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy

The Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy aims to drive improved and transformed service delivery, greater public sector productivity and informed decision making relating to ICT.

ICT Investment and Decision Making Framework

The purpose of the ICT Investment and Decision Making Framework is to guide alignment of ICT investment plans for the Tasmanian Government, and to build a culture of strategic management for ICT systems and technology.

Networking Tasmania III Project Link to external site

The NT III project has established a number of panels for delivery of essential commodity IT services to Crown and other eligible Customers. These panels cover:

  • Core Services (switching, filtering, and security)
  • Corporate Internet Service
  • Education Internet Service
  • Network Connection Services
  • Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) – colocation
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – on island
  • LAN as a Service (LANaaS)

Application architecture and development

Business, information and technical standards and guidelines to support business processes and information and communications technology-based servcies across government.

IT Managers Group

Background information on the IT Managers Group. The role of the group is to influence and provide advice on the strategic direction of information and communications technologies (ICT) across government.

Tasmanian Cloud

Whole of government Tasmanian Cloud services, which include data centre services (DCaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and related services, is established under the Networking Tasmania (NT) agreements.

Government 2.0

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