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Outcome realisation

All Projects bring about change in the context of an organisational corporate and business culture. Planning for outcome realisation should begin as early as possible in the project. Most importantly this planning prepares the business areas for the new operational environment that will exist once the project outputs are handed over. It confirms output ownership and post project reporting arrangements. 

Successful planning for outcome realisation relies on cooperation between the project and the operational business area/s that will reap the benefits. While the Outcome Realisation Plan is developed in partnership with the Project Manager it is ultimately owned by the Business Owner/s. The Project Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring an effective Project Business Plan is in place that will form the baseline for the Outcome Realisation Plan.

Whether a project is large or small outcome realisation must be considered in the Project Business Plan and documented on project closure. For smaller projects this may be done through the Project Review and Closure Report, and for larger ones a full Outcome Realisation Plan may be required.

The resources provided in this toolkit include links to relevant:

  • Sections from the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines
  • Fact sheets
  • Templates
  • Examples
  • Useful links
    plus any further resources that may be helpful

For further information please contact egovernment@dpac.tas.gov.au.

Toolkit resources for outcome realisation

Project closure report template and guide for large projects v1.1 MS Word (599.0 KB)

Outcome realisation plan template and guide v1.1 MS Word (713.5 KB)

Redevelopment of the Motor Registry System Presentation PDF File (109.0 KB)

Organisational Change Management Presentation PDF File (538.9 KB)

Web Publishing Framework Project Outcome Realisation Plan v1.1 PDF File (382.3 KB)

Change Management Program Presentation - Department of Police and Emergency Management PDF File (207.4 KB)

Outcome Realisation Case Study PDF File (253.8 KB)

Provides a case study exploring the Tasmanian Government Web Publishing Framework Project’s innovative approach to outcome realisation, when challenged by outputs that were rapidly outdated, and non-obligatory implementation.

Outcomes/Benefits Realisation and Realisation and Change Management Presentation PDF File (290.6 KB)

Realising Project Benefits Presentation - The Tasmanian Government Approach PDF File (101.5 KB)

Realising Project Benefits Tasmanian Government Approach Presentation PDF File (195.0 KB)

Realising Project Benefits Tasmanian Government Approach Paper PDF File (171.1 KB)

A conference paper titled 'Realising project benefits: the Tasmanian Government approach delivered at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) National Conference by Carol Bond, 2008.

Tasmania’s FMD/BSE Preparedness Presentation PDF File (1.7 MB)

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