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Very small projects

The level of project documentation required by a project varies according to its size. If you are looking for guidance, the Project Sizing Fact Sheet provides issues to consider when deciding on the extent to which you are going to apply a project management methodology. After taking all factors into account, a rational decision has to be made on how to manage the project in the most suitable way.

Some projects are so small they only require enough documentation to capture the agreements as to why the project is being undertaken, by who and what is to be done, by when.

This toolkit has been designed for those very small projects that may be conducted internally that only need a small amount of documentation. A very small project will:

  • be short in duration (eg 1 week to 3 months),
  • be low risk,
  • have no or only minor technology requirements,
  • have few stakeholders, and/or
  • have a high skill level of the project team.

Underpinning the use of this Toolkit is Status Reporting. This Toolkit provides the minimum project documentation required to undertake very small projects and uses Status Reporting as the main management tool for the project.

For more in-depth information on applying the key elements of project management refer to the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines and other templates and guides.

Information and advice on project management is available by emailing egovernment@dpac.tas.gov.au.

Toolkit resources for very small projects

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