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Producing and managing data

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Producing and managing data

These resources are designed to help produce and manage data, whether you need to manage requests to access data, are overseeing a new data collection or are managing an existing administrative data system or process.  

The matrix below shows key activities, such as specifying, evaluating, collecting and processing that are associated with being able to produce and manage data that is fit for purpose 1. The application of these activities may vary depending on the nature of your task. Within each of the topics listed below (e.g. data quality, confidentiality) you will find resources that are relevant to these activities and your needs.

 Specifying Designing & Building Collecting & Processing Validating & Disseminating Evaluating
Data Quality  
Statistical Sampling   
Analysing and Interpreting Data   
Assessing Statistical Capability
Standards and Classifications  
Data Collection   

1For more information please go to the ABS Statistical  Capability Framework.

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